One-stop breast clinic

Spire Cheshire Hospital offers prompt diagnosis and treatment of breast lumps

Call us to book 01925 215 087

Early breast cancer diagnosis can help improve the chances of successful treatment. If you've noticed a breast lump or changes to your breast which cause concern, our compassionate, efficient team of specialists work together to help give you a diagnosis with minimal waiting for results.

Whatever your concern, from initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment we aim to offer continuous and seamless care to achieve the best and most effective medical care for you.

Spire Cheshire Hospital is recognised by all major insurance companies and is a Bupa accredited breast care centre. This provides reassurance that you will receive the highest standard of care.

What happens on the day?

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Consultation with a Consultant Breast Surgeon

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Investigation with a same-day mammogram

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Agree next steps for treatment if required

Why choose the one-stop breast care clinic?

  • Initial consultation with the consultant of your choice 
  • Expert physical examination 
  • Mammography and/or ultrasound as per the consultant's request 
  • Aspiration of cyst fluid* (if required) 
  • Biopsy* (if required) 
  • Clear pricing packages with no hidden costs 
  • A supportive multidisciplinary team

*An aspiration / biopsy may incur an additional cost and these tests may not be carried out on the same day

Book an appointment

Accessing our hospital is quick and easy. You can book an outpatient appointment by calling us on 01925 215 087. Our friendly team will talk you through the service and available options.

In addition to our consultant breast surgeons, we have highly trained, dedicated consultant breast radiologists who can offer:

  • Core biopsy
  • Digital mammography
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA)
  • Ultrasound

Do I need a referral?

A referral letter is not required for self-funding patients. Prices start from £395* which includes an initial consultation and breast imaging.

Our self–funding packages are tailored to your needs and may depend on the diagnostic tests recommended by your consultant. A consultant breast radiologist will carry out the imaging and the results will determine whether further investigations are required.

If you have private medical insurance please contact your insurance provider to check if a GP referral letter is required.


*An aspiration / biopsy may incur an additional cost and these tests may not be carried out on the same day