Cosmetic surgery consultants in Cambridge

Plastics is the area of care and treatment concerning the body’s outward appearance. That means it includes everything from small cosmetic procedures like neck lifts and ear pinning, through to major reconstructive surgeries in cases of trauma and illness.

At Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, the team of plastic surgeons serve Cambridge area residents with fast access to care. With all the latest tools to hand, they’re able to find a way forward for almost any condition and complaint. Cosmetic issues can have serious impacts for your mental and physical health, so don’t hesitate to contact the team today and discuss a consultation.

Treatments offered in Cambridge – aesthetics

At Spire, we’re proud to provide a highly skilled team of cosmetic surgeons to Cambridgeshire. With many years’ expertise between them, they’re able to find a solution for a wide variety of physical complaints. This is likely to involve a routine medical procedure, with those the team can perform including:




Treatments offered in Cambridge – reconstruction

In more significant cases, such as major scaring or the consequences of trauma, a reconstructive procedure may be required. Spire’s team are skilled and experienced in this area also, with a number of innovative operations offered at Spire Cambridge Hospital. These include, but are not limited to:

Conditions and symptoms treated in Cambridge

The team at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital have seen and treated all manner of cosmetic complaints before. They have a deep understanding of how these concerns can impact your mental and physical health, so they’ll often focus treatment on reducing these associated impacts, such as:

  • Diabetes from obesity
  • Risk of hypertension caused by obesity
  • Depression
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Finding us

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital is located at the northern tip of the city in the Impington area. That’s only a minute or two’s drive from the A14 bypass road, which itself provides access to the M11. This will also be your closest Spire hospital if you live in the likes of Cottenham, Ely, Huntingdon, Royston, Sawston and St. Neots.

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