Ophthalmology consultants in Southend-on-Sea

Ophthalmology is the field of medicine that covers your eyes and sight, including the conditions that can affect these.

Your eyes are vital in how you see and perceive the world, so it’s only natural to worry if something seems wrong with your vision. Thankfully, Spire’s teams of ophthalmologists in the Southend-on-Sea area are ready to help. Each member of the team is highly skilled and experienced, and with all the latest technology to hand, they can find a way forward for all manner of common or rare eye-related health complaints.

Treatments offered in Southend-on-Sea

Once the teams understand what’s behind your symptoms, they can move towards rectifying the problem. With an emphasis placed on improving your prognosis and sight in the long term, Spire’s ophthalmologists near Leigh-on-Sea may well recommend an innovative procedure such as:

Conditions treated in Southend-on-Sea

At Spire Wellesley Hospital, the private ophthalmologists near Benfleet have treated a vast range of eye issues before. No matter what your symptoms may be, you can be confident the team will find a way forwards, particularly when it comes to conditions like:

Symptoms treated in Southend-on-Sea

Because your vision is so important, it rarely takes long for an eye-related health problem to interrupt daily life. It should never have to be this way, so please have a chat with the team at Spire Wellesley Hospital if you experience unpleasant effects like:

Finding us

This will be your closest Spire ophthalmology department if you call Essex spots like Canvey Island, Leigh-on-Sea, Rayleigh, Rochford and Thundersley home. You’ll find us to the northern reaches of Southend, along A1159 Eastern Avenue.

Spire Wellesley Hospital,

Eastern Avenue

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Self-pay treatment enquiries:  01702 447926

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