We provide this service for patients who require simple lesions to be removed from the skin. It is ideally suited to people who wish to have a mole or lesion removed but may not meet criteria for removal with the NHS. There are various options available to you for your first appointment.

Option 1: Ask your GP to refer you to a one stop lesion and mole removal clinic

Our plastic surgeons run one stop clinics at the hospital which requires a referral sent to the hospital from your GP. This does not always require a visit to your GP, if you have previously spoken to your GP about this matter, you may be able to arrange a referral from your GP over the phone. Once your GP referral is received, we will contact you with an appointment date.

Your appointment will be a combined mini-consultation and treatment on that day in our ambulatory care unit. Your GP can send an open referral to any of our plastic surgeons.

The guide price for this service is from £715 depending on the number of moles to be removed, including possible laboratory tests.

Please call 0131 316 2507 for more information.

Option 2: Arrange a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons (self-referral)

If you feel your needs are more complex, you may prefer to arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon prior to your mole removal. If this is the case, a GP referral is not required. Please call us on 0131 316 2507 and we can arrange this for you.

The cost of this consultation will be £150 and treatment has a guide price of from £715 including possible laboratory tests. All consultants working in Spire Healthcare hospitals are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council, and have satisfied our stringent eligibility criteria.

Option 3: Arrange a free nurse consultation for onwards referral to one of our plastic surgeons

If you would like to use the one stop clinic but would prefer not to visit your GP, you may prefer to arrange an appointment with one of our specialist nurses. The nurse advisory clinic is free of charge and as specialists in their fields, they are able to advise on treatments and procedures best suited to your needs. Our specialist nurses can provide onward referral to the one stop lesion/mole clinic. Call us on 0131 316 2507 and we can arrange this for you or find out more about the nurse advisory clinic.