Patient story - IBS treatment using the Pill Cam

28 July 2016

I first developed symptoms in or around 2005, which became more and more noticeable over a longer period of time. In 2005/2006 I underwent investigations and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. 

I have suffered with ongoing symptoms of IBS from 2005. My General Practitioner could not offer a remedy for my ever increasing pain and discomfort.  I recently suffered from a severe bout of worsening symptoms and also noted that my bowels were very loose and it looked as though I was not absorbing fat. I felt that I now needed further investigation to rule out any other possible cause for my symptoms.  I looked on the internet for a gastroenterologist in my local area. I had previously been to Spire Cheshire Hospital for an orthopaedic problem that I had and I felt that they had provided an excellent service, so I contacted Dr Subramaniam Ramakrishnan, Consultant Gastroenterologist. I noted the outstanding reviews from his patients and I consulted him for advice.

After a thorough history and clinical examination from him, I had blood, stool and telescope tests of the stomach and large bowel.  Once these tests ruled out any significant abnormalities that could account for my symptoms I was interested to see if my symptoms could be related to small bowel problems that were not picked up by these tests. I noted that he was offering capsule endoscopy, which is a way of recording images of the small intestine to look for abnormalities that could detect problems related to the small bowel. 

For this examination a small capsule is swallowed, which is the size and shape of a pill and contains a tiny camera. This camera takes continuous pictures of the bowel which are then viewed by the gastroenterologist. 

I have recently undergone this procedure. It is totally painless, there is no discomfort whatsoever. It is just like swallowing a normal tablet. There is no sedation, you simply swallow the capsule and wear a belt for the day. The capsule left my body naturally when I went to the toilet. 

I have a follow up appointment soon with Dr Ramakrishnan to discuss the findings of the capsule endoscopy. I was previously unaware of this procedure and I think it is incredible as it allows the gastroenterologist to view the small intestine without carrying out an invasive procedure. 

I am delighted that I chose Dr Ramakrishnan “Dr Ram”. He always makes me feel as though I am his only patient.  He is very thorough, explaining everything you need to know in a kind, caring and professional manner.  He never ever rushes your consultation and will take as long as you need. I cannot praise him enough. I have already recommended him to one of my friends. 

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Spire Cheshire Hospital and Dr Ramakrishnan. 

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