Dear Mr Nejad,

It is some time ago now, January 2012, when you operated on my son Luke Phillips. Luke has Perthes’ disease and you performed a miracle in your operating theatre. Perthes is difficult to live with; a boy of just seven years old can't understand why he can't play football with his friends or go skiing with his dad, and then when the flat bone years are over he can't understand why he can't play as well as he used to, or for as long! So much disappointment endured on a daily basis. And then 'the pain' - he can't remember when that dull ache or stiffness wasn't there.

I think both Luke as the sufferer and me as his mum just accepted it all - this is how it was. It was at the age of 14, when Luke found riding his motorbike too difficult to sit astride that we both questioned whether more could be discussed. Thankfully Luke's consultant here in Guernsey, Mr Pring, agreed and referred us to you.

You quite simply have changed our lives. It took a little while to settle and heal, plus Luke took time to believe that he was out of pain permanently. He is able to move freely. A lot has happened in the last two years. Luke is studying as an accountant with Specsavers. He is a confident, very fit and able young man - he has a bright future - all thanks to you.

Thank you doesn't seem enough. You may feel it was just another day at the office, however to us we are so very grateful to you for your long years of study and your determination to make a difference. I understand you did a study on Perthes’ disease in your early years of medicine, how lucky is that!

I want to send to you my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and your team. You all have changed the path of my son's future to a brighter one than before we met you

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