In September 2014 and January 2015, I underwent two ConforMIS Knee Repair Operations. I damaged the cartilages in both knees some thirty years ago. Gradually the cartilage had worn away, to the extent that in recent years there was wear upon the bone.

The past four years this had become increasingly painful, culminating last year where it had reached the stage I could hardly walk. I should have done something about the problem many years ago but I was always busy and did not have the time.

Being a very active person my situation naturally caused me great concern and I wanted to ensure that the treatment I received would be the best it possibly could be. I decided to undertake a little research on the internet and I discovered the ConforMIS treatment, and then I came across an article about the Spire Bushey and Mr Carrington. I arranged to see Mr Carrington and I felt confident that he would do his best to rectify my problems.

The two operations were carried out over a period of four months, the most painful right knee being the first. I have to say that the pain went away immediately after the operation, there was some ache and soreness from the operation but this diminished with each day that passed.

Four days later I was home with the aid of crutches, which I soon dispensed with, I was able to walk around my garden for the first time in over a year. I feel so very fortunate to have found the ConforMIS system and particularly to have found Mr Carrington.

I now have full movement in both knees and the muscles in my legs are regaining their original strength. I should also say that I found everyone who worked at your hospital to be most caring and friendly, from the nurses on the ward, with particular thanks to Staff Nurse Sylvia and Senior Nurse Angelica, to the cleaning and catering staff.

The caring and effort was second to none, and I was aware of a great sense of pride and team effort in your hospital. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all concerned. It was well worth the trip to Bushey.

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