Women's Health Clinic

04 March 2014

Spire Roding Hospital in Redbridge offers women from Essex and East London a range of private clinics and services dedicated to their specific health needs.

Our team of medical experts specialise in many such areas, including gynaecology, reproduction, breast care, cosmetic and weight loss surgery.

All patients that come to Spire Roding are assured of the highest standards of medical treatment in a clean, private and comfortable environment.


At Spire Roding Hospital, we have 19 consultant gynaecologists (5 of whom are female), who all provide quick and easy access to gynaecological services, investigations and treatments, including:

  • Gynaecological surgery including vaginal repair, pelvic floor reconstruction and hysterectomy (which is often available as a day case)
  • Surgery for gynaecological cancers, including womb, cervical, ovarian and uterine
  • Colposcopy service for women who have had an abnormal cervical smear test result
  • Hysteroscopy investigation for women who may be suffering abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge as a result of polyps or fibroids
  • Treatment for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) including tension-free vaginal tape (TVT)
  • The Gardisil vaccination, which helps protect young women from most forms of cervical cancer

Breast care

With 5 expert breast surgeons, Spire Roding Hospital’s accredited breast cancer unit offers an excellent service for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of breast lumps and breast cancer. In our outpatient clinics, our experts can investigate and screen lumps on the same day as your outpatient appointment. We also have a dedicated and experienced breast care nurse, who will offer support during your appointment and throughout any subsequent treatment.

Spire Roding Hospital has the very latest diagnostic equipment, and can rapidly screen and diagnose breast lumps using techniques such as:

In the event that a lump is discovered, Spire Roding’s breast surgeons provide surgery for the removal of lumps, as well as full and partial mastectomies. They can also carry out reconstructive breast surgery for women who have had a mastectomy.

Following surgery for breast cancer, our support group ‘Bosom Buddies’ continues to offer aftercare of the highest calibre.

Cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery

Spire Roding Hospital provides an excellent service for women from Essex, East London and the surrounding area who wish to have cosmetic (plastic) surgery.

Read more about our cosmetic surgery service, which includes a full range of treatments for the face and body.

We also offer a comprehensive service for women who need to lose weight through surgery. Our expert team of consultants at Spire Roding carry out surgical procedures to effectively tackle obesity and weight loss, such as gastric banding and bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric ballooning.

Read more about weight loss surgery at Spire Roding and the treatments available.

Whether you have private medical insurance or are paying for your own treatment, you’ll find a warm welcome at Spire Roding. You don’t need a GP referral (unless your insurer requires this) and appointments are normally available within a few days.

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