‘Sign up to Safety’ campaign

In May 2017 Spire London East Hospital joined the ‘Sign up to Safety’ national patient safety campaign.

In May 2017 Spire London East Hospital joined the ‘Sign up to Safety’ national patient safety campaign. By doing this, the hospital commits to turn Spire London East's team actions into a safety improvement plan, which will show how the hospital intends to save lives and reduce harm for patients over the next 3 years.

Sign up to Safety is a national patient safety campaign announced by the Secretary of State for Health. It launched on 24 June 2014 with the mission to strengthen patient safety in the NHS and make it the safest healthcare system in the world.

The campaign aims to help member organisations listen to patients, carers and staff, learn from what they say when things go wrong and take action to improve patient’s safety, helping to ensure patients get harm free care every time, everywhere.

Below are the pledges Spire London East Hospital has signed up to for safety of our patients:

Putting safety first
Committing to reduce avoidable harm in the Spire London East Hospital by half through taking a systematic approach to safety and making public our locally developed goals, plans and progress. Instilling a human factor approach to training and a preoccupation with failure so that systems are designed to prevent error and avoidable harm.

Continually learn
Reviewing our incident reporting and investigation processes to make sure that we are truly learning from them and using these lessons to make Spire London East Hospital more resilient to risks. Listen, learn and act on the feedback from patients and staff and by constantly measuring and monitoring how safe our services are.

Be honest
Being open and transparent with people about our progress to tackle patient safety issues and supporting staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong.

Stepping up and actively collaborating with other organisations and teams; sharing our work, our ideas and our learning to create a truly national approach to safety. Working together with others, joining forces and creating partnerships that ensure a sustained approach to sharing and learning across the system.

Be supportive
Being kind to our staff, helping them bring joy and pride to their work. Being thoughtful when things go wrong; helping staff cope and creating a positive just culture that asks why things go wrong in order to put them right. Giving staff the time, resources and support to work safely and to work on improvements. Thanking our staff, rewarding and recognising their efforts through the inspire reward system and celebrating our progress towards safer care.