At Spire Manchester Hospital we appreciate that bariatric (weight loss) surgery isn’t for everyone, so we are delighted that we can offer an alternative.

Professor John New, Consultant Endocrinologist specialises in obesity, diabetes and endocrinology. He has many years’ experience in helping people lose weight, and to maintain the weight loss.

For patients who do not meet the criteria for bariatric surgery or those with a BMI over 28, Professor New offers weight lost injections and tablets at Spire Manchester Hospital.

How does the injection work?
The medicine is in a small pen that is injected into your tummy via a very small needle (6mm long). The medicine is a hormone that your body makes when you feel full. By injecting it you will feel full after a small meal.

Can I take the weight loss tablet?
The tablet when combined with dieting helps you lose weight. It reduces your appetite and reduces the enjoyment that eating brings so you don’t want to eat as much.

This is suitable for most people but it’s important to ensure that your blood pressure is normal, you have good health and there are no contraindications to any other medications you may be taking.

Professor John New encourages his patients to stay in contact via email, so he can continue to support you throughout your journey.

How do I make an appointment?
To make an appointment, simply call Spire Manchester Hospital on 0161 447 6700.

Consultant Endocrinologist