Prostate cancer service

Expert care and individual treatment plans

From initial consultation and diagnosis through to surgery and follow-up care, prostate cancer patients from Essex, East London and the surrounding area can be assured of the highest quality treatment and individualised care at Spire London East private hospital in Redbridge.

Cancer of the prostate is the most common cancer in men in the UK. Around 47 300 new cases are diagnosed in UK in 2013.

With the help of our prostate cancer experts – which include consultant surgeons, oncologists and specialist nurses - our goal at Spire London East is to support patients throughout the entire diagnosis, treatment and recovery process. In fact, with early diagnosis, many prostate cancer patients at Spire London East are treated successfully and return to normal life quickly.

Prostate screening and diagnosis

Early screening and diagnosis is important for the successful treatment of prostate cancer and to ensure the best possible outcome. Patients can be referred by their GP or consultant for the following screening and diagnostic tests at Spire London East:

PCA3 testing and biopsy   
CT scan
MRI scan

Urgent, same-day appointments

In some cases, we are able to offer same-day appointments for patients who need urgent diagnostic tests. Ring 020 8551 1100 and ask for the Senior Outpatient Nurse on duty.

Prostate cancer surgery

Spire London East’s consultant urological surgeons are highly experienced and based mainly in NHS hospitals throughout Essex and East London. Your consultant surgeon will be with you throughout your journey, from your first outpatient visit to your aftercare and recovery plan. For the surgical treatment of prostate cancer, Spire London East Hospital offers the prostatectomy procedure, both open and laparoscopic. You will be looked after in your own private room and cared for by our experienced nursing team, who will do everything they can to make your treatment and recovery as comfortable as possible.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Following surgery, your treatment for prostate cancer will be managed by one of our consultant oncologists. Your oncologist will plan your chemotherapy treatment in consultation with our specialist oncology nurses, who will normally be with you at each out-patient appointment. If your treatment plan includes a course of radiotherapy, this will be arranged for you at a nearby NHS hospital or in central London, depending on your wishes and the specific treatment you need.


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One of our expert urological surgeons, Mr Shiv Bhanot, explains more about PSA testing, another test for prostate cancer, on the Macmillan website - visit the Macmillan website to watch the video.

Our Consultant Urological Surgeons