Brian Devlin, a 65-year-old man from Dagenham in Essex had been suffering with aggravating symptoms for a number of years.

He was experiencing frequent and sometimes urgent needs to pass urine and a feeling that his bladder was never empty. It was only after a routine blood test for an unrelated matter that it was found Brian had high levels of a specific protein called Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) in his blood. High PSA levels can sometimes indicate possible prostate cancer.

As a result of the high PSA levels in his blood, Brian decided he would use his private medical insurance and asked his GP to refer him privately. Brian’s GP referred him to see Mr Bhanot at Spire Roding Hospital for further investigation.

Brian said "Mr Bhanot made me feel very much at ease, he told me exactly what to expect."

After an examination it was confirmed that Brian had an enlarged prostate. Mr Bhanot then carried out a biopsy which sadly revealed the early stages of prostate cancer.

"You can never fully prepare yourself for these things," Brian commented.

Mr Bhanot explained all Brian’s various treatment options available to him and after some thought Brian decided to have his prostate removed completely. This was a hard decision for him to come to and he had to carefully consider all his options, taking his personal circumstances into account and preparing himself for possible side effects before going ahead with his decision.

Brian felt a little anxious prior to the surgery however he had been doing some research about the procedure and found previous patient testimonials of Mr Bhanot which made him feel very comfortable and confident in Mr Bhanot’s hands.

The operation went well. Brian had the support of an oncology nurse if he felt it was needed though any part of the process. As advised by Mr Bhanot, Brian continued to work on his pelvic floor muscles exercises.

At Brian’s follow up appointment Mr Bhanot expressed how pleased he was with how the surgery went. However unfortunately after examination of the removed prostate it became clear to Mr Bhanot that there was another cancer that hadn’t shown up in the original biopsy.

Mr Bhanot commented to say, "If he hadn’t had the prostate removed this may have gone unnoticed and would have caused more disruption to Brian’s life."

Brian commented: “I have a much better quality of life now and can go out without having to worry where the nearest toilet is. I also no longer have a disturbed night’s sleep with the constant urge to go to the toilet, something I haven’t experienced in years.”
Brian has said: "I would urge anyone with my symptoms to see their GP and get things checked. Carefully consider all your options so you can make the best decision for you. I made mine based on my personal circumstances and was prepared for possible side effects, for me it was right."

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