Health worry, why wait?

At Spire Cheshire Hospital our expert care is available to everyone, even if you don’t have health insurance or a referral from your GP.

If a health concern is affecting your daily life and you're worried about local waiting times, opting to go private could be the right choice for you. With no waiting lists and affordable prices, you could be seen and treated within weeks.

Our customer service advisors can talk you through available treatment options.

Call us on 01925 215 029 to find out more.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments including:

Cataract surgery

Improve blurred vision caused by cloudy areas on the lens of the eye.

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Hernia repair

Repairs the weak spot in the abdominal wall that causes a hernia.

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MRI scan

Scans to investigate many types of conditions.

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Get treatment to deal with the discomfort of persistent tonsillitis.

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Treatment could be more affordable than you think, even if you don’t have health insurance or a referral from your GP. Paying for your own treatment is a quick and easy way to get immediate access to the healthcare you need.

For many procedures we can give you a single, inclusive fixed price* in advance.

Spire Cheshire Hospital offers you:

  • Fast access to appointments
  • No waiting lists for treatment
  • Quality clinical care**
  • Free parking

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*Self-pay, fixed price packages are subject to the Spire Healthcare patient terms and conditions

**Since opening in 1988 we have had 0 cases of patients contracting MRSA bacteraemia or Clostridium difficile infections at our hospital.