Caitlin Hyde's acne is now under control thanks to the help of Dr Jennifer Yell after attending various consultations at Spire Cheshire Hospital.

"From the age of 11 I began to suffer from acne flare ups which predominantly affected both my face and chest. For years I have battled between periods of where my skin would clear up, but then would return to being extremely sore and red from the cluster of spots around my mouth and chin. I would often also wear high necked tops to cover any spots that I had on my chest and wore heavy makeup; however this would result in making my skin worse."

"After trying many skincare products that promised to clear my acne but failed and numerous visits to the GP, I was eventually able to get a referral to see Dr Jennifer Yell, Consultant Dermatologist."

"Dr Yell instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease and remembered me from being one of her patients many years ago for a different Dermatology condition. Dr Yell also completely understood the self-esteem issues that stemmed from my acne and allowed me to make my own decisions in regards to which treatment option I wanted to try."

"I decided upon the option of taking Lymecycline Antibiotics and the combined pill, as well as having to apply Differin Gel to the affected areas. Within the first month I noticed a great improvement to my skin."

"Now nearly six months on from first starting treatment my skin is completely spot free, even having now come off the Lymecycline Antibiotics."

"I can’t thank Dr Yell enough for all that she has done for me. I no longer feel that I have to hide my skin and I will often go days without wearing any makeup. I would recommend Dr Yell to anyone who is suffering from acne as she has made such a difference to not only my skin, but also my confidence."

Dr Jennifer Yell quoted, “This common condition can wreck one's self-confidence. The good news is that there are excellent treatments for acne. Using a stepwise, incremental regime, it is completely realistic to expect good control. For the severe end of the spectrum, systemic isotretinoin (albeit with significant side effects) offers a cure for acne in about 80% of cases. I was delighted that Caitlin controlled her acne without having to resort to isotretinoin.”

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