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Perform at The Ageas Bowl, the bespoke Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre situated at the home of Hampshire Cricket, is is part of Perform’s larger network of specialist centres, and has a close working relationship with Perform Southampton.

What’s more, Perform at The Ageas Bowl holds a unique partnership with Spire Southampton Hospital, allowing full access to all of the diagnostic imaging (including X-Ray, CT and MRI), pathology services and surgical options available at the hospital.

The centre, boasting a well-equipped modern rehabilitation gym, consultation rooms and a vast amount of outside space to cater for almost any sporting rehabilitation, is open to the public with the specialist team able to assess and treat a wide range of conditions in individuals aged eight and upwards.

As well as being open to the general public, Perform at The Ageas Bowl delivers first class medical and rehabilitation care to the Hampshire Cricket team whilst also providing support to other elite athletes and visiting international teams.

In addition to seeing self-funded members of the public, the centre also caters for medically insured patients as the centre is registered with all health care providers including BUPA, AXA-PPP and PruHealth.

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What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that can aid people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy and education.

The list of ailments that can be treated by Perform at The Ageas Bowl's team of physiotherapists is vast and includes any form of muscle or bone injury, arthritic joints, growing pains, postural pains, movement dysfunction, injury prevention, recovery from illness, whiplash, post-operative rehabilitation and spinal pain (including chronic lower back pain).

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatments will be conducted by one of Perform at The Ageas Bowl’s specialist physiotherapistsa team headed up by Dan Young, a chartered physiotherapist with over ten years experience, having previously worked with a range of national sports teams. The team will provide you with a working diagnosis of the problem and suggest treatment options to help you recover.

Your Initial Physiotherapy Session

This would include an assessment and treatment and will last for around 1 hour. However, for acute injuries, such as a pulled hamstring, shorter appointments can be made. Any follow up sessions with our physiotherapists would then last around 30 minutes, but may be longer depending on treatment required.

What's Covered?

Perform at The Ageas Bowl, as well as seeing self-funded members of the public, also caters for medically insured patients as the centre is registered with all health care providers.

Want To Know More?

For more information on the types of physiotherapy available or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


Initial Assessment (approx 1 hour) - £66

Follow Up (up to 30 minutes) - £41

Physiotherapy session (1 hour) - £66

Physiotherapy session (1.5 hours) - £99

Physiotherapy triage assessment (up to 30 minutes) - £41

Sports Massage Therapy

What Is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. (The Sports Massage Association)

Despite its title, Sports Massage is not just for those undertaking exercise and athletic performance but also everyday aches and pains that anyone can develop. The therapy can be applied to the body as a whole or more commonly focuses on the specific areas of discomfort.

Benefits Of Sports Massage

Sports Massage relieves tensions and restores a muscular and skeletal balance, through:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Removing waste products
  • Sedating or stimulating nerve endings
  • Increasing or decreasing muscle tone
  • Increasing or decreasing muscle length
  • Preventing injury
  • Restoring mobility and range of movement

Is Sports Massage For You?

Sports Massage can help alleviate day to day issues such as repetitive strain injuries, lingering pain, tension, sprains and fatigue. Whilst, in regards to physical exercise and sports performance it can be used to treat acute injuries, improve flexibility and range of motion, aid recovery and enhance performance.


An initial Sports Massage treatment at Perform at The Ageas Bowl lasts for an hour, with an assessment and medical questionnaire at the start (approximately 5-10 minutes), followed by a comprehensive massage. Any follow up appointments can either be one hour of thirty minutes depending on your requirements.

Our resident Sports Massage Therapists specialise in soft and deep tissue massage and have extensive experience in treating elite athletes as well as members of the general public.To find out more about our therapists, please click here.

Want To Know More?

For more information on sports massage therapy or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


Initial Assessment (1 hour) - £40

Follow Up (30 minutes) - £28

Follow Up (1 hour) - £45

We are pleased to reveal that Gift Vouchers are also now available for Sports Massage.

Strength and Conditioning

What Is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning is the planning and delivery of a sport specific programme of exercise that can enhance your overall physical performance in your chosen sport or activity.  It is more than just personal training and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to work with a Strength and Conditioning coach.

Strength and Conditioning has a vital role to play in the world of sport and it is now more common for individual and team athletes at recreational level to engage with this form of training in preference to going to the gym. Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a marathon, play sport at any level, or simply want to be educated on how to exercise safely and effectively, Strength and Conditioning coaching will help you achieve your full potential.

What Does Strength and Conditioning Include?

Strength and Conditioning incorporates an array of important training aspects, all of which contribute towards injury prevention as well as facilitating and enhancing performance. It is not singularly about weight-lifting, ‘Strength and Conditioning’ encompasses the complete development of an individual ranging from core stability, muscular endurance, speed, agility and plyometrics, with strength training being just one of many important aspects.  Strength & Conditioning is regularly used to improve an individual’s level of daily activity and wellbeing.

How Do We Operate Strength and Conditioning For You?

Due to its range of benefits, Strength and Conditioning can be delivered to you in a multitude of ways. It may be a specific ‘S & C’ session or alternatively it may fall into your physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions.

Following your initial session, in our brand new performance facility, a tailored programme designed specifically for your goals will be created, and you are then free to choose to conduct your programme at home or your local gym.  We also offer a range of packages should you want to continue using our performance facility.

What To Expect

Your first session will involve an assessment to determine your desired outcomes and will act as an opportunity to discuss any existing problems you may have.  We will also discuss your current training level and how you would like to implement your programme. 

Some people only want advice and one session is enough, others may like regular sessions to monitor and review their set objectives and to develop their training programme as they progress. Each individual is different and subsequently each programme is tailored to suit your needs. 

Want To Know More?

For more information on strength and conditioning or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


One to One Session - £40

A consultation followed by a practical educational Strength and Conditioning session (1 Hour)

6 x One to One Sessions - £200

Initial consultation as above, followed by five, one hour sessions that are scheduled to suit you and your programme.

Bronze Package - £120

A consultation, physical fitness assessment, practical educational Strength and Conditioning session and a 6-week training programme for you to follow.

Silver Package - £230

As above, plus five one to one educational Strength and Conditioning sessions.

Gold Package - £375

This package is a bespoke programme for athletes requiring a 10 week periodised training programme, and includes nine one to one sessions to ensure you peak at the right time for your competition.

A complementary physical fitness review will be conducted at the end of your training programme.

Please note, all prices are inclusive of VAT and all include online support for the duration of your programme. The above prices and packages demonstrate our most common services however, please do call or email to discuss your specific needs.

Cardiac Screening

What Is Cardiac Screening?

Cardiac screening is the process of examining the heart to identify any signs of disease or abnormalities in healthy individuals.  This painless and simple investigation has been compulsory in all teenagers and adults competing in athletic sports in Italy since 1982 and many other European countries now also offer cardiac screening programmes to their competitive athletes.  These programmes are backed by sporting professional bodies such as FIFA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as they can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.

What Does Cardiac Screening Involve?

We adhere to the European Society of Cardiology guidelines (ESC 2005) and our screening programme is accredited with the Football Association (FA).  The screening comprises a detailed cardiac questionnaire, a 12 lead ECG and a special heart ultrasound scan known as an echocardiogram.  The screening takes around 30 minutes and is carried out by a cardiac nurse specialist and a Consultant Cardiologist.  Once completed, the results will be analysed by the Consultant Cardiologist and your report will be sent to you within 5 working days.

Who Should Be Screened?

Sadly, approximately 16 young people (under 35) die a week in the UK from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Our screening service is available upon request to all persons aged between 14-35 but not younger as their hearts are yet to fully develop and will often give inaccurate results if screened. There is a misconception that only elite athletes should be screened but in reality, anyone who participates in sport and even those who don’t can suffer SCD.

If you are over the age of 35, our heart specialists can screen for coronary artery disease with a stress echocardiogram. This type of test is more sensitive for pathology in this age group, please call for more details.

What If Something Abnormal Is Found?

Very occasionally there may be a requirement for further investigations such as, a cardiac MRI, 24 hour ECG monitoring, or a repeat echocardiogram in a few months following the initial screening.  This can be arranged for you through our partnership with Spire Southampton Hospital or, our Consultant will refer you into the NHS system via your registered General Practitioner.

If an abnormality is found, you will be invited back to see the Consultant Cardiologist to discuss your results and the available options of further investigation.  There will be no additional charge to you for this consultation appointment.

Our specialist consultants welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with your club, school or organisation with the provision of our professional, flexible and convenient service.  Screening days can be arranged for your convenience and discounts for large groups are available.

More Information & Book

For more information or to make a booking, please call Donna Bulfin via:

  • Wessex Cardiology LLP
  • 02380 764333

Sports Psychology

What Is Sports Psychology?

Psychology is the science of the mind and human behaviour. In other words, why we think what we think, and do what we do. Sports psychology takes what we know about the mind and uses it to enhance sports performance. More and more top athletes are utilising what sports psychology has to offer in order to achieve their full potential. This is done through strategies and skills designed to manage your mind when competing and training, in order to enhance your performance.

What Does Sports Psychology Involve?

Confidence, concentration, motivation, resilience under pressure: these are all factors which can greatly affect an athlete’s performance, and can be enhanced through support from a specialist sports pyschologist. Sports psychology can also support your recovery from injury. Psychology underpins everything we do, and this is reflected in how sports psychology can support an athlete both on and off the sports field. The first steps involve developing an awareness of how your mind works and how it then affects your performance. Then, by working in partnership with a sports psychologist, you can develop strategies and skills to manage your mind and fully utilise its potential to enhance your performance.

Sports Psychology Support

Darren Britton, a specialist sports psychologist, is a member of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise and a Postgraduate Researcher in Performance Psychology. He has been working with County and Premier League Cricketers for over 2 years, along with athletes competing in numerous other sports. Darren will collaborate with you by addressing your areas for improvement and develop a bespoke program to meet the demands of your chosen sport.

Your Initial Sports Psychology Session

The initial consultation will take place at Perform at the Ageas Bowl and will last approximately an hour. During this appointment Darren will discuss your desired outcomes and introduce you to the key concepts of how he works with his clients. This will help develop an awareness of how your mind affects you and your performance. Darren can then offer a choice of short or long term solutions which can be implemented in follow up appointments. Follow up appointments with Darren can take place at a number of locations and are arranged to suit the client’s needs and availability. It is important that you feel comfortable and clients often chose to walk the grounds of the Ageas Bowl, sit and have a coffee or even meet over Skype.

Want To Know More?

For more information on sports psychology or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


Initial consultation (1 hour): £75

Follow up sessions: £50 p/h 

Running Gait Analysis

What Is Running Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis is an assessment that uses a video camera and advanced computer software to capture and analyse your body in motion. Slowing down this video footage to single frames per second can reveal a host of subtle movement dysfunctions and can help us to show you how you run. Every single running gait is unique and performing a video gait analysis is a useful tool to identify any subtle weaknesses or suboptimal movements that may reduce the efficiency of your running style or even cause you injury.

‘Perform Running’ caters for the everyday runner who is looking to prevent injuries and wants to run as efficiently as possible. This innovative running ‘MOT’ service is delivered from our specially adapted gym and allows you to receive all the benefits a bespoke sports medicine centre can offer.

The Running ‘MOT’ service is provided by our running specialist and sports massage therapist Kyle Pepperman-Hackett who has run Nationally and Internationally at the World Cross Series and, holds a PB of 31:20 for 10km on the road. Kyle treats a number of GB athletes including 2014 Commonwealth runner Louise Damon, Multisport athlete Kelly Wickens, and works with Hampshire Cricket and One Pro Cycling.

The Perform Running is £75 for a 90 minute consultation that will take place in our own well equipped gym. Your assessment will generate a wealth of data which will be analysed to provide you with an individualised plan to help you achieve your goal; whether it is running the London marathon or completing your first Parkrun.

What the session comprises:

  • Gait analysis - slow motion camera angles from top to toe
  • Muscle imbalance testing - via our dynamic movement system
  • Range of movement assessment - looking at how well your body moves
  • Training plan outlook – analysis of your current training plan
  • Advice – specific advice and guidance based on your assessment
  • Next step plan - a consultation on how to move forward

Additional Extras:

  • Bespoke training plan for marathon build up
  • PDF report of the findings from the session
  • After service care with running re-education and exercise’s
  • Individual coaching

Want To Know More?

For more information on running gait analysis or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


90 Minute Consultation - £75

Podiatry & Chiropody

Perform at The Ageas Bowl is home to the Hedge End Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic.

Hedge End Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic offer comprehensive chiropody and podiatry treatments, applying over twenty years of experience to each treatment.


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