Saving Britain’s 70 Stone Man-Channel 5 documentary

05 January 2015

Mr Kesava Mannur, a bariatric surgeon at Spire Roding Hospital, will appear tonight on Channel 5’s ‘Saving Britain’s 70 Stone Man’ at 8pm. This is the follow up to ‘70 Stone and almost dead’, a documentary that followed Keith Martin, a 70 stone man unable to leave his home for 11 years. 

The episode focuses on Keith’s rehabilitation after surgery and the programme that many weight loss patients follow post-surgery. After Keith catches an infection, unrelated to his surgery, the programme shows the efforts of Mr Mannur and his team in trying to save Keith from the life threatening illness.

Spire Roding Hospital offers comprehensive private hospital care to patients from Essex, East London and other parts of the south-east and greater London.

Our dedicated weight loss surgery team will support you before and after surgery.


At Spire Roding Hospital we have some of the most highly experienced weight loss specialist surgeons and consultants available, including laparoscopic upper GI surgeons, gastroenterologists and psychiatrists Mr Kesava Mannur, Mr Yashwant Koak, Mr Sanjay Agrawal and Dr Krishnendu Nandy, with over 1,000 weight loss surgery procedures between them. Our multi-disciplinary approach helps to ensure that you are consistently supported throughout your treatment with us, and that you can access the right advice and support at the right time.

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