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Cosmetic treatments, chosen by thousands of people every day, range from surgical procedures such as nose jobs or breast enlargements to skin treatments such as chemical peels. Some help reduce the effects of ageing. Others help change the appearance of a part of your body that you’re self-conscious about.

Many people tell us they feel more self-confident and have greater self-esteem after having cosmetic treatment with us.

Eyelid surgery or eyebag removal (blepharoplasty)

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Our specialist teams

In addition to our experienced plastic surgeons, we also provide non-surgical treatments such as fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment. Working alongside the consultants, our specialist team will support you throughout your journey – from your first consultation to your final follow up visit.

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Free 15 minute mini consultations available

We are very proud that many of the region’s leading cosmetic surgeons choose to work at Spire Parkway. Our sought after consultants are very experienced, with reputations for high quality clinical care. However, whether you’re male or female, cosmetic surgery is a big decision and there’s a lot you’ll want to consider. Let our consultants talk you through it – not into it. Many leading cosmetic surgeons at Spire Parkway Hospital offer free** cosmetic surgery mini consultations. To book a free 15 minute mini consultation and meet one of our specialist consultant surgeons, call 0121 704 5530. **Mini consultations are an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about cosmetic surgery, and are not a formal out-patient consultation. If you wish to proceed to surgery, a full out-patient consultation will be required. Valid until 31st December 2017 though we reserve the right to discontinue these at any point.

Is cosmetic surgery for you?

People of all ages, genders and from all walks of life are now choosing to have cosmetic surgery. For most people, it’s about helping to boost their confidence and self-esteem so they can get the most out of life.

When you look in the mirror you might feel that your appearance doesn’t match your vigour and energy – that people don’t see the real you. Our expert consultants will talk to you about how to achieve the look that’s right for you, to help you feel that you're putting the best 'you' to the world.

Cosmetic surgery doesn't have to be drastic. The British Association of Plastic Surgeons reports that women in the UK are increasingly taking a sophisticated approach to cosmetic surgery – seeking subtle anti-ageing treatments to help give them a confidence boost. Men are also increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks and improve their physique more than ever before. We've helped many men who have wanted to build a stronger looking physique with pectoral implants and calf implants, and to reshape their body with procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck.

Don’t forget – if you’re not sure about cosmetic surgery, many of our consultants offer free** mini consultations, the perfect chance for you to discuss treatment, making sure it’s right for you, call us on 0121 704 5530 for more information.

Why choose Spire for cosmetic surgery?

We're proud to have been recognised for achieving excellence in patient care, staff training, nursing practice and healthcare outcomes and it’s something we’re extremely proud. Our guiding ethos is to treat the person, not just the patient, helping to give them a big confidence boost to live their life to the fullest.

We offer surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the breasts, face and body. You'll be treated at one of our immaculate, modern hospitals - not a clinic - which are all staffed by a full range of medical specialists who are dedicated to your safety and care.

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