Information for patients of Mr Ian Paterson

The Paterson Independent Inquiry

The Paterson Independent Inquiry has now begun. For information on the Inquiry, please visit

Paterson Independent Inquiry

Findings from the Verita report

Spire Healthcare welcomes the report it has received from Verita of the governance arrangements at Spire Parkway and Little Aston hospitals in the light of concerns raised about the surgical practice of Mr Ian Paterson, a consultant surgeon employed by the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, who also operated in Spire’s Parkway and Little Aston hospitals. Spire commissioned the Report in order to understand fully the circumstances that enabled Mr Paterson to practise as he did.

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Spire's response to recommendations from the Verita report

Upon completion of the Verita report, Spire published its reaction to the findings. The findings and recommendations of the report were discussed at length amongst the Spire Healthcare Board and management team and we are presenting this update one year on setting out our actions in response to the recommendations.

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