Murder Mystery star Dorothy planning a blockbuster knees-up!

04 August 2017

Where she gets the energy is a mystery, but with the bride in a tartan wedding dress you can be assured of good-old ‘knees-up’ when Dorothy Davis ties the knot with her bonny prince charming Moray Deane.

A regular performer with a Nottingham-based Murder Mystery company – where her favourite role is as a cleaner who is in love with her hunky and much younger boss – Dorothy is not known for putting her feet up.

But the fun-loving 67-year-old, who is also a member of the Independent Monitoring Board for HM Prisons and a part-time cheese sampler with Long Clawson Dairy, admits that her first thought when Moray popped the question was: “I’ll have to get my dodgy knee fixed if I’m going to make the most of the big day”!

So, in between booking the church, choosing the dress and selecting her bridesmaids, Dorothy, who lives in Stapleford, also arranged to meet with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr David Hahn at Spire Nottingham Hospital.

“I had my left knee replaced back in 2010 so, as my walking steadily got ‘more crab-like’ I knew it was time got get my right knee done if I was going to be at my best for the wedding,” said Dorothy.

Her decision was supported by Mr Hahn who said: “If your knee is giving you pain, particularly if it is badly affecting the way you walk, then it really is time to investigate the possibility of a replacement.

“Too many people soldier on with the pain thinking the longer they put off the operation the better the longer the new knee will last – but this really is the wrong way to approach the situation. Before they know it they have a constant limp and, because of the pain, are not getting the exercise they are used to and gradually give up doing the things they love.

"Dorothy had a significantly arthritic knee with deformity and loss of movement and was in a great deal of pain. Now she’s had the operation I have no doubts she will be able to carry on with her very hectic lifestyle.”

Dorothy added: ‘As well as all the things I get up to, Moray has two dogs and is never happier than when he is walking them – so I have to make sure I’m fit and active if I’m going to keep up.’

“The operation went very well and the Spire physiotherapists are putting me through my paces to make sure I’m fully fit for the wedding. It’s going to be a very busy day and I’m determined to make the most of it.”

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