"Ever since I can remember I have blushed, so much so that my earliest memories are of people pointing out that I had gone red. As a child I would be bullied for going red, usually when spoken to by a teacher in a classroom, however, as I reached my later teenage years the blushing became much more frequent, I could not even pass someone and say hello without my face burning, I was turning down job opportunities, staying at home, not going out and essentially became a recluse.

I tried medication to cure my blushing, I tried counselling and even hypnotherapy, but none of this had any affect. At 28 years of age I had come to the conclusion that I was going to carry this problem for the rest of my life and worried what state I would be in after another 28 years given how blushing had taken over my life. It was then that I read about ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy) surgery having searched ‘cures for blushing’ in Google (something that I tended to do on a regular basis). Having researched ETS and found Mr Chan on the internet I finally convinced my local GP to write a recommendation for me to pursue the surgery.

My experience of the consultations and treatment were all positive, Mr Chan explained to me exactly how the surgery would work and clarified any potential side-effects.

The results of my surgery have been amazing. I no longer go red when someone talks to me, I am able to engage in group conversations at work. ETS has completely changed my life and I will forever be thankful for what Mr Chan has done for me.

Blushing is something that is overlooked by most as being a big problem, but for me it was the worst thing in the world, the words ‘he’s gone red’ would send a shiver down my spine and for anyone who can relate to that and is experiencing similar problems I can’t stress enough how much ETS has given me my life back."

- Mr Colin Chan's Patient