Spire win Employer of the Year!

25 March 2013

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce are responsible for judging the merits of  more than 200 companies in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas to decide who can best demonstrate the credentials to be the ‘Employer of the Year’. The title is awarded to the company best able to show their support to staff, their efforts to provide healthy and comfortable working conditions and to develop their staff through training and development opportunities. The Chamber were particularly impressed with the efforts made by the hospital to provide social activities for staff, to provide secure working conditions and to continually promote development of skills to ensure staff are always at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Hospital Director, Andy Eadsforth said of the award, ‘I think it’s fantastic that our hospital has been recognised for the efforts we go to in providing support and development to our staff. Working in healthcare, this is possibly more important than in any other area as the abilities and happiness of our staff is directly related to the care they are able to provide to our patients’.

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