Spire Edinburgh doctor Neal Uren nominated in Health Hero awards

14 April 2015

The Edinburgh Evening News has teamed up with NHS Lothian for the Health Hero award to identify and honour surgeons, nurses and other health workers who have demonstrated exceptional care for their patients.

Consultant cardiologist Dr Neal Uren has received a nomination, thanks to his care for a patient who was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. Since then she has required triple heart bypass surgery and several angiograms. (An angiogram uses a dye which is passed through a catheter around the heart. A series of X-rays highlight the flow of this dye to show up any narrowed areas or blockages in the artery).

The patient said, “After my surgery I was in constant pain, so he’s been there for me through some really bad times. He’s brilliant. He really makes you feel at ease, talks through the procedure, puts your favourite music on. Things like an angiogram can be quite scary. I’ve had so many now it’s just like having teeth out but I really don’t think I’d be here without his support. I can’t fault the man in any way. He is always thinking about his patients, checking how you are doing after surgery. You are not just a number. I can’t thank him enough.” 

Dr Uren is clinical director of cardiac services at the Edinburgh Heart Centre at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He also consults are the cardiology unit of Spire Shawfair Park Hospital. He said: “It was a complete surprise when I was nominated. I was actually very humbled when I heard it was from that particular patient, who has had a bit of a rollercoaster journey. You just think, 'I was doing my job'.”

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