Media coverage of LENTIS, MPlusX multifocal lens, from Oculentis

07 January 2015

We are aware of concerns in the media about the LENTIS, MPlusX multifocal lens, from Oculentis and recognise that none of the concerns so far raised have been upheld. However, we wish to reassure patients of Spire Edinburgh Hospitals that the hospital has never implanted the MPlusX.

To date the hospital has used Alcon ReSTOR multifocals and Rayner M-Flex multifocals. The treatment provided at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals puts the patient at the centre of everything we do.

Initial consultations are conducted by the consultant who will take you through your full treatment programme. You have time to sit down, talk through test results, discuss risks and benefits of surgery, and agree a treatment plan.

We monitor all patients for a year postoperatively for problems and to date have not had any concerns about the lenses we use. We operate this way is to ensure our consultants have continuity of care and full accountability for every individual patient.

Consultant ophthalmologist Mr Jonathan Ross added, "Eye surgery should not be commoditised. There should never be sales pressure on a patient, or a financial tie in to undergo surgery. These are complex operations and things can go wrong. They should be carried out in a tightly regulated hospital environment with an experienced surgeon overseeing the entire care pathway, not just the operation.

"Surgeons should always be free to use the most suitable lens for each patient, rather than being tied to a corporate 'one size fits all' bulk contract."

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