High Dependency Unit Development Work

10 June 2015

Spire Murrayfield Hospital would like to inform patients with an inpatient admission date between 15 June–26 July 2015 that there will be some development work undertaken at the hospital during this period.

We are delighted to be making a significant investment in our High Dependency Unit (HDU) at Spire Murrayfield Hospital which is where we provide intensive nursing care for particularly unwell patients or specialised care for patients who need it.

We are increasing the size of the unit as well as improving the facilities and equipment within the unit which will help us to look after more patients who need this advanced level of care.

We have taken a number of measures which will limit the potential for noise disruption. These include not using the rooms in the immediate vicinity of the work, creating an external point of access and egress for contractors to the site meaning they won’t have to use the main building, and scheduling structural work to the most suitable times.  

While we believe any disruption will be minimal, we cannot guarantee that it will be completely noise free. All of the contractors who we are working with, as well as the hospital team, are aware of the need to maintain an environment which is relaxing and which enhances a patient’s recovery.

However, if you have an inpatient admission during the planned work (15 June–26 July 2015) and it does give you any concern then please contact the admissions office on 0131 316 2510 and they will be happy to discuss this with you.

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