First pacemaker implant at Shawfair Park

16 July 2013

Spire Shawfair Park hospital saw its first pacemaker implant fitted just over a week ago. Consultant Cardiologist, Mr Flapan carried out the procedure at the Cardiology Unit in Spire's newest Scottish Hospital. Pacemaker insertion technology has advanced to the level that the procedure can now be carried out as a day case procedure, the patient is admitted to hospital in the morning and is able to return home the same evening.

Mr Flapan said, 'Our cardiology facilities at Shawfair Park are excellent surroundings for this type of procedure and is the natural progression for a unit which already offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and other interventional cardiology procedures, such as cardiac catheterisation.”

Hospital director, Andrew Eadsforth said, “I’m delighted that we are able to offer pacemaker insertion to private patients in Edinburgh and further afield."

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