In August 2017, after a long period of immobility and pain, I underwent a partial knee replacement.

Before the procedure I had limited mobility and had to use a walking aid to get around, being a keen walker this impacted on my daily life as I wasn’t able to walk long distance and climbing the stairs felt like an impossible task as it caused excruciating pain. This took its toll on my health and well-being, due to the lack of exercise it lead to considerable weight gain.

After my procedure I was advised that I would not be able to attend work for 12 weeks, to allow for a full recovery. However after six weeks of following my aftercare gym programme my recovery began to improve. I returned to work 10 weeks post op.

12 months on and I now have full mobility with no pain at all. I consider undergoing a partial knee replacement one of the best decisions I have ever made. I cannot thank Spire Cheshire Hospital and Mr Robb enough for helping me get my life back and start being able to do the things I love again without any pain.

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