Blood tests

A simple blood test can reveal a lot about your health and wellbeing.

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Spire Healthcare have a range of private blood tests to help diagnose any diseases and conditions or help assess the overall state of your health.

We're here to help you make the right choices for your health, so you can focus on your recovery.

Please note: All tests performed at The Montefiore Hospital require a referral from your GP or a consultant.

Blood tests for heart disease risk (cardiac testing)

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Breast cancer genetic test (BRCA 1 & 2 genetic testing)

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How do I book a blood test?

Before contacting us, you will need a referral from either your GP or consultant. It is important that we fully understand your medical history before performing any tests. When you call us with your referral, we will arrange an appointment at a time that's convenient for you. A specialist member of staff will take your blood at the hospital within our out-patients department. Your results are sent to your GP or consultant who will then discuss the results with you and offer further advice and treatment if needed.

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What blood tests are available?

To find out if a particular blood test is available at The Montefiore Hospital or to find out the self-funding cost for a test, please call one of our Customer Service Advisers on 01273 828 148.