Free cosmetic consultations*

Thinking about cosmetic treatment? Let our consultants talk you through it – not into it.

We are very proud that many of the region’s leading cosmetic surgeons choose to work at Spire Parkway, Solihull, Birmingham.

Our sought after consultants are very experienced, with reputations for high quality clinical care. However, whether you’re male or female, cosmetic surgery is a big decision and there’s a lot you’ll want to consider. Let our consultants talk you through it – not into it.

Many leading cosmetic surgeons at Spire Parkway Hospital offer free* cosmetic surgery mini consultations.

Learn more about the range of cosmetic treatments available.

To book a free 15 minute mini consultation and meet one of our specialist consultant surgeons, call 0121 704 5530.

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*Mini consultations are an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about cosmetic surgery, and are not a formal outpatient consultation. If you wish to proceed to surgery, a full outpatient consultation will be required. Valid until 31 December 2018 though we reserve the right to discontinue these at any point.