"Amie is an equine veterinary surgeon who had the misfortune of meeting one of her more challenging customers on Friday who found it necessary to kick her, causing a nasty injury to her hand in the process, sustaining multiple fractures.

Within three hours of her injury in Northwich, Amie had been seen by Mr Lindsay Muir, x-ray'd, CT scanned and put in a splint from an expert hand therapist, Sarah Keogh. Sarah then repeatedly reviewed her and redressed the splint whenever required.

It was obvious that the hospital was extremely busy and yet Dawn Davies (Matron), Sarah and Lindsay focused entirely on Amie’s welfare, staying on late to ensure everything was sorted out.  

Following this, Amie has had an intense period of hand therapy from Sarah with Lindsay Muir’s oversight and now two months’ later has got full use back in what was a serious hand injury that could have threatened her career. It is now very difficult to see any physical deformity at all.

My own background is as a surgeon with over 30 years in the health service and private medicine and I don’t think this level of care would have been better anywhere else either in the UK or abroad. We would like to thank everyone involved for the superb care that Amie has received.”

- Amie's Father