"I’ve just finished an 8 day stay on ward 2 and I wanted to praise all the professionals I have come into contact with from Spire Healthcare. I’ve been treated with complete compassion and respect at every step of my stay. I became ill and required a blood transfusion and professionals from other wards jumped to help me too. 

I wanted to make a special praise of two Spire Healthcare Employees:

  1. Elena, surname unsure, but she is a Transylvanian born Healthcare assistant. Elena has treated me as if I was a member of her family. She races around to ensure that she can go the extra mile to support patients all the time using positive language such as ‘giving me a make over’ when helping with personal care. I gave her the nickname of ‘Sonic’ because of her speedy nature. 
  2. Jonathan McGrath – Physiotherapist.  I was amazed at how Jon went the extra mile to establish a rapport with me, meeting me on my level. I’m deaf and he made an effort to retain British Sign Language (BSL) to use with me.  He also took the time to listen to me when I was having a bad day and got me out of bed and mobilised when I felt I couldn’t. I have some mental health issues and he took this on board and worked with me, within my limits. I think you have a valuable member of staff with Jon. He treated me as an individual rather than just treating my medical requirements, always with a positive attitude. 

I’m under the care of Manchester Plastic Surgery who are also amazing and I’ll be having another operation in 2019. Because of this stay I’m reassured for my next stay."

- Minna, Spire Manchester Hospital