"Our daughter has suffered repeated debilitating bouts of tonsillitis over the past year. The final episode caused her to miss her very first week at high school, which had a significant impact on her emotional well-being.

From the first moment we met Professor Bruce, we were immediately put at ease by his calm, friendly demeanor and were impressed by his professionalism. He pitched the consultation at the perfect level for Heidi to understand clearly what would happen at every stage and gained her confidence completely. He understood her wishes to miss as little school as possible and scheduled surgery for immediately prior to the school holidays.

At each stage of the journey, we were all delighted with the care Heidi received - from the pre-op and ward visit to every step of the surgery itself. The staff were kind and completely made the experience the most positive it could be. From being completely terrified at the prospect, she actually quite enjoyed it.

We are so grateful to Professor Bruce and the team at Spire. We now have our daughter back to full health and tonsillitis is very much a thing of the past - thank you all so much!"