Women's Health Physiotherapy

There are some problems that are specific to women, and require specialised physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Women's health physiotherapy can help individuals with the following conditions.



  • back, neck, rib, sacroiliac or pubic synthesis (pelvis) joint pain.
  • pregnancy associated complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome, moretons neuroma or sciatica. 
  • bladder or bowel incontinence. Although there are some limitations to treatment options available during pregnancy. 
  • preparation for birth, birthing positions, breathing techniques, massage, relaxation and TENS. 


  • back, neck, sacroiliac (pelvis) joint, upper limb or lower limb complaints.
  • rectus divarification (separation of abdominal muscles during and after pregnancy). 
  • pelvic floor prolapse.
  • incontinence of bladder and bowel including overactive bladder, stress and urge incontinence.
  • pain or scar tissue complications resulting from perineal trauma of childbirth.
  • difficulties with returning to exercise after giving birth.
  • sexual dysfunction resulting from pelvic pain.


  • incontinence of bladder and bowel including overactive bladder, stress and urge incontinence. 
  • pelvic floor prolapse.
  • pelvic pain.
  • rehabilitation following gynaecological surgery or hysterectomy.

Women's Health Physiotherapy Treatments offered at Spire London East Hospital

At Spire London East Hospital we recognise the importance of providing a private, discreet and relaxed environment in which women can seek advice and treatment. The first session will be a one hour consultation in a private room with an en-suite bathroom. Once a diagnosis has been made the treatment options will be discussed.

Treatments that are offered at Spire London East Hospital include:

  • pelvic floor training using Kegal exercises, biofeedback, muscle stimulation and vaginal weights. 
  • manual therapy for painful or overactive pelvic floor muscles.
  • bladder training and acupuncture for overactive bladder.
  • rehabilitation following gynaecological surgery.
  • tailored Pilates programme and movement retraining.
  • treatment of musculoskeletal complaints including soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, taping, splints and belts, biomechanics assessment and specific rehabilitation and advice. 
  • pregnancy massage.

Call the bookings team on 020 8709 7779 or email RDPhysio@spirehealthcare.com