Men's health physiotherapy

Expert advice and treatments dedicated to men of all ages.

There are some conditions that are specific to men, and require specialised physiotherapy assessment and exercise therapy. Our specialised clinic can help with the following conditions, all undertaken in the privacy of your individual treatment suite.


We specialise in seeing men with a variety of bladder conditions, many of which can be alleviated without the need of surgery. We provide a good understanding of how the bladder functions, and with a carefully graded exercise programme, can improve & restore the natural function and pattern. 

We also see men pre & post operatively, when they are admitted for surgery to the bladder, prostate gland or kidney. We assist you in getting back on your feet, and also follow you up after discharge o return you to full fitness.

Bowel conditions

we also specialise in seeing men with a variety of bowel conditions, whether it be an overactive or a sluggish bowel habit. This may be due to a medical condition, following surgery, or may have been a longstanding issue since schooldays. 

Pelvic pain

This can be a recent or a longstanding problem, which again affects quality of life, such as walking, climbing, sports, sleeping and sexual function.

It can be experienced after abdominal surgery of any kind, but can also develop after sports or work injuries. 

It can be initially difficult to diagnose the cause; in our experience it is normally due to two or more factors, which once identified can be resolved with a combination of manual therapy and a home programme. 

Treatments offered are:

  • specific teaching to enable a full understanding of the issues and why they are happening
  • pelvic floor and core muscle training using Kegal exercises, biofeedback or muscle stimulation
  • manual and trigger point therapy for pain producing structures
  • bladder and bowel retraining with a personal diary
  • rehabilitation following surgery, progressing to gym work and preparation for a graded return to work and sport
  • tailored exercise plans including Pilates training 
  • treatment of musculoskeletal components

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