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Our joints and bones are vital to how we live. Once they become damaged, it can make doing even the smallest thing a painful trial, impacting our enjoyment of everyday life.

Through surgery or less invasive procedures like physiotherapy, our team of orthopaedic specialists may be able to help ease the pain in your bones and joints to get you back to living the life you love.

Pain management injections for back and facet joints

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Orthopaedic surgery at Spire Leeds

  • Spire Leeds Hospital is a regional Centre of Excellence, working with over 35 consultant orthopaedic specialists

  • We have been offering a wide range of orthopaedic surgery and diagnosis for over 25 years

  • Our specialist orthopaedic services include complex spinal surgery, knee cartilage transplantation, specialist wrist and elbow surgery and revisional joint replacement surgery

  • We offer CT and MRI scanners on site and a full range of diagnostic facilities

  • Our team includes a specialist “Sports and Exercise Medicine” physician

  • Patients have access to full rehabilitation and physiotherapy teams at the hospital

  • Many of our consultants have national and international reputations

  • We offer education to medical professionals all over the UK

  • Appointments with a consultant specialist can be arranged within 48 hours

  • Is orthopaedic surgery and treatment for you?

    Our bones and joints are vital to how we move and every action we make. But conditions such as arthritis and injury can make our bones – particularly the joints – painful and reduce our mobility or dexterity. As a result, some people find they can’t live or enjoy their normal working or social life. There have been great advances in bone and joint medical practices. At Spire Leeds, our consultants are leading the field in the use of cutting edge equipment. Whether you use private medical insurance or you’re paying for treatment yourself, Spire Leeds provides expert medical care for everyone with very little waiting time.

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