NHS patients

Patients in England can choose where to have their medical treatment with NHS Patient Choice.

Prompt, high-quality treatment is important to every patient. If you’re an NHS patient, you can choose to receive your medical treatment at one of Spire hospitals or clinics by using the NHS e-Referral Service.

Most people in England can choose where to go for medical treatment, including having NHS treatment in a private hospital. If your GP recommends referring you to a specialist, you have a legal right to choose where you would like to be seen.

NHS Patient Choice

  • You have the right to choose which hospital you go to when you're referred by a GP. This can include private hospitals, like Spire Healthcare
  •  You could be seen sooner and not travel as far for treatment
  • You'll be able to choose where you'd like to be seen during your GP appointment

NHS Patient Choice

  • You have the right to choose which hospital you go to when you're referred by a GP. This can include private hospitals, like Spire Healthcare
  •  You could be seen sooner and not travel as far for treatment
  • You'll be able to choose where you'd like to be seen during your GP appointment

Choosing Spire Healthcare for your NHS treatment

  • Spire Healthcare is one the UK’s leading private hospital groups. Everything we do is focused on providing the care and treatment you need. For us, it's more than treating patients - it's about looking after people
  • All of our consultants are specialists in their field and meet strict criteria to practice with us. Many also have close working relationships with local NHS Trusts. They work closely with our nursing staff to provide personalised care of the highest quality
  • The NHS covers all the costs of your treatment with us. You only pay for extra personal items, such as phone calls, just as you would in an NHS hospital
  • Every Spire hospital complies with NHS regulations regarding the elimination of mixed sex accommodation for patients

Coming to Spire Healthcare for treatment

To make sure you feel prepared and in control, every stage of your treatment and expected recovery will be explained to you in full.

After your GP has referred you to us, you'll normally have a short initial appointment to discuss your condition with one of our specialists. They'll arrange any investigative tests that may be necessary, such as blood tests or X-rays. Once a diagnosis has been made, you'll talk about your treatment plan with your consultant. You might need further consultations, or you may be referred back to your GP for ongoing care and management of your condition.

If you need to come into hospital for surgery, we'll make all the arrangements for you. If you're feeling worried or anxious about anything at all, your nurse will be on hand to give you advice and support the whole way.

Once you've had your surgery, you’ll be moved into a recovery area or room complete where you can recover in comfort until your consultant feels you're ready to go home. Your friends and family can visit you anytime during hospital visitor hours.

When you're ready to leave hospital you'll receive a copy of your treatment and recovery plan with full details of any follow-up care and medication you may need, plus a contact number if you have any concerns once you're home. It's a good idea to take your copy with you if you need to see your GP soon after your procedure. We'll also keep your GP informed about your treatment and recovery plan and progress. Our report will be added to your medical records and kept by your GP.

How to book

NHS e-Referral allows you to choose and book your first outpatient appointment at hospitals and clinics across England. To book an appointment, your referrer will provide a:

  • booking reference number
  • password or access code

You can book through the NHS website or the NHS App. Using the app allows you to view, change or cancel your first outpatient appointment.

If you have difficulty booking your appointment online, contact your GP surgery or the relevant Spire hospital for assistance.

The NHS gives you and your patients the opportunity to consider certain treatments at Spire hospitals, delivered on behalf of the NHS. We have established a range of NHS elective care services to treat your patients, and we work closely with local health organisations to cut waiting times and increase the healthcare choices available.

  • Easy referrals: Our aim is to make the referral process as easy and as quick as possible. You can use the NHS NHS e-Referral System, or by registering on Spire Connect to use our secure and easy-to-use online referral form. Please ensure you include the patient’s NHS number on the referral form.

  • Clinics: We offer various specialties and clinics to NHS patients. To find out details of which clinics are available and at which Spire hospitals, please go to the directory of services on your NHS e-Referral System. Or contact the relevant Spire hospitals for more information.

  • Timely treatment: We're dedicated to seeing and treating your patients as quickly as possible, from the moment they're referred to the conclusion of any post-operative care. We aim to treat all patients within the 18-week referral to treatment target as set by the Department of Health.

  • Managing your patients' expectations: A clinical member of staff will be on hand at all times to answer any questions your patients may have and they'll be taken through their treatment process in detail, with full information about expected outcomes, follow-up and aftercare.

  • Our consultants: NHS patients will be treated by one of a panel of consultants working at Spire Healthcare. All consultants working at our hospitals are highly experienced, are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council and comply with our exacting 'practising privileges' criteria. The majority also work at a local NHS Trust and are based locally to the hospital.

  • Our performance: We're committed to helping GPs and their patients make informed healthcare choices by demonstrating the quality of care each hospital provides. We publish performance information for each hospital as part of our programme to improve our already high standards of clinical quality and safety. Our clinical standards page outlines individual hospital performance.

  • Excellent aftercare: We understand that it's vital to keep you informed of your patients' progress - including post-operative management. We'll send you a detailed discharge letter on the day of discharge, a copy of which is given to the patient to present if attending your practice immediately after discharge. They'll also have a comprehensive plan for their recovery, follow-up and aftercare. Your patients are welcome to phone the hospital at any time if they have concerns after they have returned home. In the unlikely event a patient experiences complications after their operation, you can refer back to the consultant at the hospital for review and further management if required.

  • Exclusions: Spire has extensive experience of NHS patient assessment for elective surgery and all patients will have an individual risk assessment, taking into account clinical and social factors, such as support at home, to determine their suitability for treatment at one of our facilities. Patients will only be excluded if the procedure required is outside the scope of the facility or if the patient's condition or co-morbidities are considered to pose too high a risk. The full list of exclusions is reflected under the directory of services in the Referral system.

Contact us

To make a referral or for more information on NHS services at Spire Leeds Hospital, please give us a call on 0113 218 5939.