The Spire Cardiff hernia clinic offers assessment and treatment by experienced consultant surgeons, recognised in their field. (Our surgeons are part of a very small number who offer specialised training to other consultants across the UK.) Hernia can present in a number of ways and therefore the treatment options can vary according to your clinical presentation.

Remember, not all lumps turn out to be hernias that’s why choosing a consultant is so important. Spire Cardiff Hernia Service offers full diagnosis and investigation of abdominal masses to exclude serious conditions.

At Spire Cardiff Hospital we offer patients the option of a variety of procedures including, local anaesthetic with limited hospital stay, laparoscopic and conventional open hernia surgery under general anaesthetic. These options can be discussed with your surgeon to find the most suitable solution for you.

Our hernia surgeons are broadly trained in all aspects of abdominal surgery and are therefore able to manage other conditions that mimic hernias. For a list of our surgeons, use the drop down box at the bottom of the page.

Hernia repair

No matter which approach you decide to take Our  hernia service offers patients the option of day-case  surgery using the most up-to-date high definition instruments which allows greater precision in the repair of groin, umbilical and post-surgical (incisional or recurrent) hernias in a modern clean hospital environment.

If you decide laparoscopic surgery is the right option for your then The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend laparoscopic surgery for hernia by well-trained surgeons.  You will be able to review this information on our consultant profile and chose a surgeon who is right for you. 

What to expect

Following your initial consultation your consultant and you will decide the best treatment options along with a suitable admission date. On the day of your admission you will be admitted to our day-case unit where your details will be taken by one of our experienced nursing staff. Your anaesthetist and consultant will visit you on the ward to ensure you are fully informed and ready to go ahead with the procedure.

You’ll be escorted to theatre by one of our experienced theatre team who will take you into the anaesthetic room where, if you are undergoing a general anaesthetic, you will be anaesthetised. You will wake up in our recovery area and be escorted back to your room when your anaesthetist is satisfied you are alert. Once on the ward you will have regular observations and when you are ready you’ll be offered s light meal and beverage.


It is important that you arrange to be collected as you will be unfit to drive for 5-7 days. Our nursing staff will provide you with a discharge advice pack, including 24 hour contact details for the hospital and appointment for a wound check in 5-7 days and a consultant appointment.

Local anaesthetic inguinal hernia procedure

The local anaesthetic option is available for most patients with inguinal hernia and is usually undertaken in our ambulatory day case unit.

The benefits of local anaesthetic surgery

  • No general anaesthetic means a shorter time spent in hospital
  • No general anaesthetic side effects
  • Immediate recovery and potentially painless journey home
  • Possibly less time off work and quicker return to normal activities
  • Innovative self-adhering ‘Progrip’ mesh is used which may reduce post-operative groin discomfort

In addition, dissolvable sutures are used with steristrips to protect the wound, allowing patients to shower the day after surgery.

What to expect

After you initial consultation your consultant Mr Michael Stechman  and Mr Guy Blackshaw will discuss the best treatment options for you and agree an admission date for your treatment. On admission you will be escorted to our ambulatory day case unit where one of our friendly and experienced nursing staff will take your details. You will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with our medical team who will provide reassurance and support throughout the procedure.

To ensure you are fully informed there will be an opportunity for further discussion regarding the procedure with your consultant. You will then be taken into our preparation room where you will have the local anaesthetic administered. This will take approximately 10 minutes to start working. Once you and your consultant are happy you will then be taken into the operating theatre where you consultant and theatre team will repair your hernia. Once completed you will be able to walk to a recovery chair where you will be offered a beverage and light snack. You will need to remain in the hospital for approximately one hour or until you’re well enough to leave.


On discharge it is important that you arrange to be collected as you will be unfit to drive for 7-10 days. Our nursing staff will provide you with a discharge advice pack, including 24 hour contact details for the hospital and appointment for a wound check in 5-7 days.

There are some instances where this procedure isn’t suitable for your clinical condition, in these cases your consultant will discuss your options with you.

For further information on our services offered at Spire Cardiff Hospital please contact us on 029 2073 5515 or complete the form on the right-hand side of this page.

Our hernia surgeons