Three years ago my life changed. Having returned from holiday I was sent a routine colorectal screening pack for bowel cancer, which I completed as instructed. However, there was an anomaly on the test result and I was asked to repeat it. Unfortunately, this lead to me being diagnosed with colorectal cancer and following a successful operation and chemotherapy has resulted in me being in remission for two and a half years.

In this time I have required regular colonoscopies to ensure that the cancer has not returned. I have always been very grateful for this service in the hope that every colonoscopy will be clear. As a result of this frequency I have required colonoscopies in a number of both private and NHS hospitals. However, this year I moved to Cardiff under the care of Mr Michael Davies, colorectal surgeon at University Hospital of Wales and Spire Cardiff Hospital. Despite the fact that I have now been undergoing these colonoscopies for a number of years, Mr Davies took the time to explain everything. I actually thought I knew everything there was to know but I learnt so much from our discussions. He was brilliant and the fact he’s so personable made everything easier.

Colonoscopies themselves are never a nice procedure however, having experienced so many, I think I’m probably in the best position to critique any service. From the moment I arrived at Spire Cardiff Hospital the service was exemplary. My surgeon was informative and the staff in the endoscopy unit were exceptional, from the nursing team through to the consultant. They all had their responsibilities and everyone knew what was expected from them. As a patient this gave me a huge amount of confidence in the clinical care. I was delighted that within two hours the procedure had been completed and I was on my way home.

I often don’t notice the equipment in one of these facilities however at Spire Cardiff Hospital it’s hard not to, everything is ‘state of the art’. Would I recommend the service – absolutely, although no one would ever want to be in the position that they require an colonoscopy, it makes a huge difference if you choose somewhere that delivers exceptional clinical and customer service - that’s what I received at Spire Cardiff Hospital.