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  • Mr Sherif Abdel-Fattah

    Consultant in Obstetrics

    I have been a consultant in Obstetrics & Fetal Medicine since November 2002. My regular practice is in the diagnosis and management of fetal abnormalities and other fetal conditions such as fetal anaemia. I also have extensive research interest in fetal an…

  • Mr Colin Bevan

    Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

    My main area of expertise is in benign gynaecology and I am Lead for Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery at Weston General Hospital.

  • Mrs Uma Gordon

    Consultant in reproductive medicine and surgery

    I am an experienced consultant in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery and additionally a Specialist in Reproductive Medicine (less than 5% of Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists elect to take on this training).

  • Mr Fraser Mcleod

    Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

    I provide a very broad based obstetric and gynaecological practice with a commitment to personal services for my patients. I am an examiner for the Universities of Bristol and London and for the Royal College of Gynaecologists.

Displaying 1 of 6 results
Displaying 1 of 6 results