Gastroenterology consultants in Chatham

Gastroenterology is the area of healthcare that covers all things related to the digestive system, and in particular, the medical conditions that can affect it.

At Spire Alexandra Hospital, the dedicated team of gastroenterologists in the Chatham area are here to help. From conditions like bowel cancer through to Crohn's disease and pancreatic disorders, they’ve a wealth of experience and expertise in this area of medicine. Equipped with all the latest technology, they can observe your symptoms, make a diagnosis, and put you on the path to treatment fast.

Treatments offered in Chatham

At Spire Alexandra Hospital, the highly skilled team of private gastroenterologists serve Rochester and other nearby towns with quality care. Simply arrange a consultation today, and you'll be invited to come in and undergo tests and scans that will reveal the cause of your complaint. From there, the team will know which treatment offers you the best prognosis, and this could include things like:

  • Cancer – bowel cancer screening and prevention
  • Colon investigations – colon cancer, colon polyps, colon polypectomy
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, dyspepsia, gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • Inflammatory bowel conditions – coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease
  • Liver – fatty liver disease, alcohol related liver disease, liver cirrhosis, abnormal liver tests and autoimmune/drug induced liver disease, jaundice
  • Nutritional aspects of gastrointestinal diseases including anaemia
  • Pancreatology – pancreatic disorders

Conditions treated in Chatham

With many years shared experience in their field, Spire Alexandra Hospital’s gastroenterologists near Gravesend have seen practically every possible complaint before. Don't hesitate to contact the department today if you are experiencing symptoms, particularly if you suspect a condition such as:

Symptoms treated in Chatham

The signs of a gastroenterological issue vary, but they are often uncomfortable and prove challenging to live with. You should never have to tolerate these symptoms, which is why the team at Spire Alexandra Hospital will have you seen quickly. Through their work, they can put a stop to unpleasant effects like:

Test and scans carried out in Chatham

If you’re experiencing symptoms like diarrhoea and indigestion often, and think it’s time to find out why, get in touch with team at Spire Alexandra Hospital today. They have access to all the latest tools and technology, and should be able to reach a diagnosis using testing procedures like:

Finding us

Spire Alexandra Hospital can be found in the Walderslade area of Chatham. That means this will also be your closest of our gastroenterology departments if you live in Gillingham, Gravesend, Maidstone, Rainham and Sittingbourne. If you’re travelling in from these areas or further afield, you’ll find we’re easy to reach from junction 3 of the M2, while the M20 is nearby too.

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