Working with you, the healthcare professional

Our GP liaison team, education events and other support services are available to help you in your daily practice.

Making referrals

The majority of our referrals are received via SCI Gateway. You can find us under the NHS Lothian drop down menu. Patients who are using medical insurance or those who are self-funding may be referred in this way. If you need assistance or advice, please get in touch with our liaison team.

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Working with GPs

We're a trusted healthcare provider delivering outstanding patient care.

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Education events

The events here in Scotland and across the UK.

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Recommending 'paying for yourself'

There are occasions when it is perfectly acceptable to inform or recommend to your patients the option of one-off, self-pay treatment. These include:
• when a patient wants to be seen and treated quickly
• when a patient does not meet the criteria for NHS treatment
• when a patient is concerned about cleanliness and clinical outcomes
• when you and your patient want to choose the consultant they see.

Beneficial for your patients and the NHS

Referring your patient privately to a Spire hospital not only benefits your patient but also saves the NHS Scotland valuable money and resources to continue caring for others. Please pass on our contact details to your patients who want treatment quickly.

Arrange fast private treatment

At a Spire hospital, your patient is guaranteed fast access to modern, well-equipped facilities and diagnostic services – usually within a week of referral. If subsequent treatment is required this is available without delay and can usually be completed within a few weeks.

No referral criteria thresholds

Referral into the NHS isn’t always possible. At Spire hospitals we don’t have referral thresholds – so your patient can quickly access consultant appointments and diagnostic facilities including MRI and CT scans.

Low infection risk

Spire Healthcare was the first private hospital provider to publish clinical performance and patient reported outcomes, including information on our rates of MRSA blood infection and Clostridium Difficile infection. Patients have their own private room with en-suite shower. We offer a range of appetising meals, all prepared by our on-site chef, and delivered to their room. Visitors are welcome whenever your patient wishes.

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Choose your patient’s consultant

Demand the best for your patients and choose the consultant you want them to see. Your patient will see the same consultant at every appointment and will be in full charge of their care with the support of our 24-hour resident doctor and highly experienced nursing team.

Single, fixed price* treatment

After the initial consultation with your chosen consultant, we’ll quote an inclusive, fixed price* for all treatment. So there’s no surprises once treatment is complete. We also offer two finance schemes, including a interest-free option (0% APR typical).

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* Please read Spire's terms and conditions for full details of what’s included and excluded in the fixed price treatment.

Our consultants

Find out about our experts and the treatments we provide at a Spire Hospital near you.

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Spire Pathology Services

With one of the UK’s largest networks of accredited laboratories we provide fast and secure pathology services for clinical commissioning groups and independent healthcare providers. Supported by excellent logistics and full electronic connectivity, we deliver cost-effective services of the highest quality to our customers while offering industry-leading turnaround times, live management reporting, and online results.

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Spire Connect

Designed for GPs and practice staff, Spire Connect allows secure instant referrals to be made to a Spire Hospital and provides access to additional information, including consultant directories and direct contact numbers.

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