I had been suffering with severe vertigo for over a month, hence my appointment to seek Mr Trinidade's help. It was a pleasure to meet him, a very approachable gentleman, friendly with a good sense of humor.

Mr Trinidade gave me plenty of time to explain my symptoms. He fully understood the nature of my condition and was confident he could resolve it. I was given a thorough examination and a maneuver to confirm the diagnosis was correct.

A further sequence of manoeuvers were then made. Mr Trinidade explained what he was doing and what was happening throughout - very reassuring. He explained that I would feel unwell afterwards which was correct, but not pleasant. However, Mr Trinidade and his nurse ensured that I was stable and comfortable before leaving the hospital. I was also given follow-up exercises if needed.

After a week I was completely free from vertigo (BPPV) and felt human again. Many thanks.

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