I attended the hospital for a shoulder operation on 14 November 2018. The staff were amazing throughout, I was well looked after and everything was so efficient. I was given my own room that was very clean, my nurse came in constantly and checked my OBS before and after my operation. I was a day case but even after my operation, they let me rest, and there was no rushing me out. My medication and all the information I needed was given to me without having to wait hours. Everything just seemed to run so smoothly, and I can honestly say that the staff here are brilliant, I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone that needed a procedure.

If anyone needed shoulder treatment, I would highly recommend Mr Sarkar, he is one of the best consultants I have seen in a while. He is a very good consultant and very clear when explaining the treatment. He reassured me before my operation, which was a great help, and even after he was very good. I didn't have to ask any questions, because he explained everything in detail, and told me what I should do and expect. An exceptional consultant - highly recommended.

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