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Physiotherapy can help people regain movement, increase mobility and reduce pain using a variety of techniques. Conditions treated include back and neck pain, sports injuries, joint, ligament, muscle and tendon problems, posture issues, whiplash, upper and lower limb conditions as well as post-surgery rehabilitation. Try private physiotherapy at Spire Healthcare.

Our specialist team

Our physiotherapy team at Spire Washington Hospital work across a range of specialities in both in and outpatient settings.

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Is physiotherapy for you

Physiotherapy is a recognised medical profession which works to restore the normal movement of the body. Whether due to ageing, injury, disease, or postural change our muscles, joints and supporting structures can become painful. When pain occurs this creates abnormal movement. The unique skills of a physiotherapist are able to promote healing and restore normal movement.

The specialised skills of a physiotherapist use assessment techniques to provide a diagnosis, creating a treatment plan to ensure you get back to health and fitness as soon as possible, achieving your goals. Whether you use private medical insurance or you’re paying for treatment yourself, Spire Washington Hospital provides expert medical care for everyone with very little waiting time.

Why choose Spire Washington for physiotherapy treatment?

Spire Washington Physiotherapy boasts over 60 years of clinical expertise in Rickleton. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the treatment you receive is second to none. Our multi-disciplinary team offer a wealth of skills and experience, ensuring the highest standard of care and attention.

Physiotherapy at Washington is accessible to all, you do not even require private medical insurance to come and see us. It is not always necessary to be referred by your GP or a consultant as many of our patients refer themselves.

We offer state of the art facilities with on-site X-ray, MRI and CT; should you need to be referred to a consultant we are happy to arrange this on your behalf.

Physiotherapy at Spire Washington Hospital can help with virtually any condition that affects your muscles, tendons, joints or nerves. We offer a variety of specialist clinics and skills.

Sports Injury Clinic

At Spire Washington Hospital our Sports Injury Clinic provides quick access to assessment, diagnosis and treatment with a Chartered Physiotherapist, in order to aid your recovery and return to sport as soon as possible.

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