Private GP Services

Rapid access to an expert opinion when you need it

The general medicine team is often the first point of contact you will have with medical experts in hospital. They are responsible for assessing your condition and if necessary referring you to a specialist.

General medical consultants have a wide range of skills and medical knowledge and are able to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Spire Healthcare hospitals have an experienced team of multi-skilled General Medical Consultants and specialised nursing staff, so you can be confident that you are in expert caring hands.

Blood disorder test

Tests to quickly and effectively diagnose a range of blood disorders.

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Hormone test

A blood test to check for potential hormone imbalances.

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Thyroid test

Determines if you have an underactive or overactive thyroid.

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If you would like a full, in depth consultation with an experienced and understanding GP, then our private GP Service is just a phone call away.

Providing a service to men, women and children, we offer fast access to convenient appointment times in clean and comfortable surroundings where you will be able to talk through your health concerns in an unhurried manner.

You can choose to see our doctor who can facilitate private diagnostic tests and X-rays if appropriate, often within the same visit. Our private GP can also refer you on for private physiotherapy treatment, to a consultant for a private appointment, or to one of our specialist clinics. Minimal waiting time for results provides the opportunity for a speedy diagnosis and peace of mind and for appointments at the hospital, with an on-site pharmacy; we can dispense any prescriptions required.

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Our private GP service provides the reliable, personal service you expect from your local doctor with all the convenience, expertise and treatment facilities you would expect from Spire Washington Hospital.

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Meet the doctor

Our highly experienced doctor, Dr Uddin, offers the majority of services available in standard UK general practice.

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Insurance Information

Will my private health insurance cover the cost of my consultation? This will depend on the terms of your policy. Please contact your insurance provider for further details. However, if the cost of the consultation itself is not covered, it is our experience that the cost of any referrals or investigations is likely to be met. If I need a blood test, X-ray or scan, would you be able to refer me at the time of my consultation? Yes. Blood tests, further investigations, prescriptions, referrals, certificates and letters can usually be arranged at the time of consultation.* Consultant advice can often be sought promptly as many specialists are present in the hospital during clinic times. Routine appointments usually last 30 minutes. First appointments, which include registration and a full medical history, are likely to be longer. *These may incur additional cost.