Cardiac Support Group for patients and families

06 March 2018

Our Cardiac Support Group is an informal environment where recent and former heart patients meet for a regular programme of presentations by:

  • cardiac specialists
  • dietitians
  • nurses
  • doctors
  • cardiac physiologists
  • other practitioners.

You will find that many who have attended over the years are keen to endorse the benefits they gain from:

  • better understanding about the procedures involved and the principles of aftercare
  • being able to ask questions in an informal setting
  • simply being able to talk about issues with others who have experienced similar concerns.

You, your partner and other loved ones are all always welcome to join the Spire St Anthony’s Cardiac Support Group meetings.

All meetings are held on a Tuesday evening, starting at 7.30pm at Spire St Anthony's Hospital.

Forthcoming 2018 group meetings:

  • 6 March: Donna Moxey, physiotherapist will be speaking on 'Falls in Cardiac Patients'
  • 10 April: Mr Ibrahim, Cardiac Resident Medical Officer will be speaking on 'Vein Harvesting for Bypass Surgery'
  • 1 May: Dr Bending, Renal Physician will be speaking on 'Hypertension and Renal Disease'
  • 5 June: Dr Zayd Mohamed, Intensive Care Unit Resident Medical Officer will be speaking on 'Antibiotic Resistance'
  • 3 July: Ateyeh Hassanzadeh, Pain Specialist Nurse will be speaking on 'Pain – Acute and Chronic Following Surgery'
  • 4 September
  • 2 October
  • 6 November 
  • 4 December

For details on speakers, please contact ITU on 020 8337 6691 ext. 2061

Previous talks

  • Mike McQueen, Head of Pathology at Spire St Anthony's Hospital spoke on 'Lipids and Cardiovascular Diseases'
  • Colette O'Grady, Head of Inpatient Physiotherapy at Spire St Anthony's Hospital
  • Mr Clement Agyin, Resident Cardiac Surgeon spoke on 'Having Cardiac Surgery'
  • Frances Sudera, Head of Pharmacy at Spire St Anthony's Hospital spoke on 'Cardiac Drugs and Holiday Medications'
  • Myriam Lawley, Sister in Charge of ITU at Spire St Anthony's Hospital spoke on 'Bystander Resuscitation- A Hands on Approach'
  • Anthony McKay, Resuscitation Officer at Spire St Anthony's spoke on 'Organ Donation'
  • Amanda Simpson, Perfusion Technologist and Sister Debbie Calver Infection Nurse specialist spoke on 'Cardiopulmonary Bypass during Cardiac Surgery'
  • Michelle Alwar, ITU Sister at Spire St Anthony's spoke on 'Recognising and Treating Sepsis'
  • Bryan Harty, Hospital Director spoke on 'My vision for Spire St Anthony's Hospital and the Cardiac Support Group'
  • Eileen Reynolds and her dog Icarus from Canine Partners spoke on 'Life with a Companion Dog from Canine Partners'

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