The Rib injury clinic is led by Mr Ian Hunt, an experienced consultant Thoracic Surgeon who works with specialists from all over the world to offer the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments for all types of chest wall problems. The clinic is unique and the only one of its kind in the UK.

Treatment by specialists

The clinic allows assessment and treatment by a team of specialists including, specialised orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, musculoskeletal radiologists, oncologists, chest physicians, pain specialists and specialised physiotherapists.

Chest wall injuries

Chest wall injuries can be divided according to the part of the chest affected and so can be divided into rib injuries and sternal (breastbone) injuries though of course both parts of the chest can be affected.

Associated injuries

Other common ‘associated’ injuries include shoulder and collar bone as well as spine. In addition, the chest wall injury or problem may be associated with other ‘underlying’ thoracic or lung problems, such as pleural effusions (a build of fluid in the chest) or infections.


Rib and sternal injury

Rib and chest wall injuries are common and be caused by many different traumatic or sports related accidents. They vary in severity from simple chest wall bruising to multiple rib breaks or fractures and associated internal or other injuries.


Symptoms vary depending on severity of injury but pain and discomfort are very common and often protracted, worse with certain activities and movements. Breathing can be affected and sleep affected.


Careful clinical assessment is important as occasionally chest wall injuries particularly subtle rib fractures or fracture dislocations of the joint between the rib and sternum. Radiological investigation including Chest X-ray, Chest CT or MRI are useful tools with increasing sensitivity for detecting obvious to subtle chest wall injuries. Ultrasound may help with very rib fractures especially subluxation or dislocation of the rib.


Chest wall injuries require time to heal so it is important you receive a complete service throughout your treatment. At Spire St Anthony’s Hospital we have dedicated before and after teams to provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment for those affected by chest wall injuries. After an initial consultation with Mr Hunt, we will assess the most appropriate treatment methods for you. Whether it be invasive or non-invasive, we ensure your treatment will be of the highest quality, tailored to your individual needs. For many, simple analgesics, support garments and targeted physiotherapy will suffice in restoring the ribcage however for more severe cases, injections or even surgery may be required.

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