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Physiotherapy can help people regain movement, increase mobility and reduce pain using a variety of techniques. Conditions treated include back and neck pain, sports injuries, joint, ligament, muscle and tendon problems, posture issues, whiplash, upper and lower limb conditions as well as post-surgery rehabilitation.

About us

Here at Spire St Anthony’s Hospital physiotherapy department, our aim is to provide personal, professional diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation allowing you the best chance to recover fully and return to your normal activities within the shortest and safest period of time. We strongly believe in taking the time to fully understand the underlying cause of your pain or discomfort.

We strongly believe in taking the time to fully understand the underlying cause of your pain or discomfort, and design a personalised treatment and rehabilitation programme to support you in achieving your goals.

Our physiotherapy team

Spire St Anthony's physiotherapy department has a team of highly skilled physiotherapists. All are Chartered and are registered with the Health Professions Council and have specialist experience across wide variety of clinical problems. Treatments are available for:

• Neck and back pain; including sciatica, whiplash, disc problems, postural problems, arthritis • Soft tissue and joint problems; muscle and ligament sprains, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, RSI, knee and ankle injuries, arthritic joint problems • Sports injuries; treatment, advice and rehabilitation from amateur to elite sportsmen and women from a team of sports injury specialists • Rehabilitation for orthopaedic surgery; joint replacement including surface hip replacements, knee ligament reconstruction, foot, hand, and shoulder surgery.

Spire St Anthony's Hospital has a very successful rehabilitation programme in place for orthopaedic surgery and offers a comprehensive service from immediately after operations to returning to normal levels of activity, with the ability to regularly liaise with our team of surgeons.

We also have a team of physiotherapists with specialist training in dealing with the symptoms and balance problems associated with vertigo.

Meet the physiotherapists

What happens during my appointment?

Your first appointment may be arranged for 45 minutes or 30 minutes depending on your problem, to allow time to examine you and asses your problem and then provide treatment. This will be discussed when you book.

Treatment may consist of: • Hands-on techniques to mobilise and stretch tissues • Exercises to strengthen muscles and stabilise joints • Postural advice to ensure you are protecting yourself from further injury • Electrotherapy and acupuncture to assist with pain relief

The department has individual treatment areas for hands-on treatment and a gym area for exercise and gait analysis for running and walking. It is advisable to wear clothing suitable for exercising in and you will probably be asked to undress for your examination depending on the location of your injury.

The physiotherapists at Spire St Anthony's Hospital are all experienced senior staff, both male and female and are recognised by all insurance companies. We work closely with our consultants at the hospital and can arrange, via your GP, referral to the appropriate specialist where necessary. We have on-site facilities for X-ray, MRI, CT scan and ultrasound so further investigations are easily organised.

We also offer podiatry

Spire St Anthony's now offers sports and remedial massage to help you get your body back on track. Whether you are an athlete in training, recovering from surgery, or just want to improve your health and relax, massage can help.

Podiatry is the assessment and treatment of the feet and lower limbs for biomechanical deformities and musculoskeletal injuries. This service is provided by The Gait Lab, a clinic in Wimbledon, is a group of podiatrists specialising in sports injuries and biomechanics.

How can I book an appointment?

Please contact us on 020 8335 4646 or complete the enquiry form. You can refer yourself or be referred by your GP or consultant.

If you are claiming from an insurance company please notify them first, as they may require you to have a doctor's referral.

We offer appointment times from early morning through to evening.

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