Advanced Shoulder Clinic

A specialist clinic for shoulder problems

At Spire Regency we understand how debilitating shoulder pain and shoulder injuries can be. Whatever your age a damaged shoulder can significantly limit your activities.

Based at the Spire Regency the Advanced Shoulder Clinic is led by leading surgeons Mr Jochen Fischer and Mr Mohammed Waseem and supported by our onsite specialist physiotherapists. The team are committed to working with you to decide the best way forward to improve your quality of life.

The team are able to provide treatment and advice for a number of conditions including: 

• Shoulder dislocation

• Rotator cuff tears and problems

• Shoulder impingement

• Shoulder instability

• Frozen shoulder

• Shoulder injury, pain bursitis and tendonitis

• Shoulder arthritis

• Shoulder replacement

About the clinic

Prior to seeing the Consultant you will undergo a thorough assessment by our physiotherapist, you will then have a full consultation with either Mr Fischer or Mr Waseem who will conduct an ultrasound of your shoulder to help diagnose your condition. The physiotherapist will be present with you during the consultation with the consultant. Following your assessment and consultation the team will provide you with a bespoke plan for you to manage your condition. All appointments will take place during one visit to Spire Regency.

Your appointment at the Advanced Shoulder Clinic will last between 60-90 mins and our aim is to provide you with all the information you will need to understand the condition affecting your shoulder. We will always aim to maximise your non-operative treatment whenever possible. If you should require any surgery then this can usually be arranged within a few days of initial consultation.

Physiotherapy sessions, joint injections, further diagnostic imaging and surgery are all available at Spire Regency. Should your consultant recommend surgery, this will take place at a later date. If you are paying for treatment yourself, we are happy to offer you a fixed price package for any surgery required.

For further information about the clinic or to book an appointment please contact the Customer Service Team on 01625 507464 or

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