One-stop breast clinic

Spire Regency Hospital Macclesfield offers prompt diagnosis and treatment of breast lumps.

Call us to book 01625 505 412

Both women and men can be affected by breast problems, and our one-stop breast clinic is for patients who may have found a lump or have concerns about breast changes or symptoms.

We understand that this can be a very anxious time and we aim to provide rapid access to a team of breast care specialists in the comfort of our private hospital.

What happens on the day?

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Consultation with a Consultant Breast Surgeon

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Investigation with a same-day mammogram

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Treatment advice to discuss results with the consultant

Why choose the one-stop breast care clinic?

  • Experienced specialist consultants
  • Rapid access to appointments
  • Mammography and/or ultrasound as per the consultant's request
  • Same day results for your peace of mind*
  • Clear pricing with no hidden costs
  • A supportive multidisciplinary team

Book an appointment

Call us on 01625 505 412 today and our friendly team will be able to talk through your options with you.

Terms and conditions

*Terms and conditions apply. In most cases, we will be able to provide you with the results from a mammogram or ultrasound during the clinic. Other diagnostic test results are usually available within 5 working days and your consultant will make arrangements with you to discuss them.