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“Dr Devaraj's care & explanation of my operation was fantastic. His personal touch made a difference too. My nurse Sue was brilliant too.”

Joanne G

Graeme's Story: Knee Surgery with Mr Mahmud

“Gold medal World Champion performance for Graeme following total knee replacement at Spire Regency Hospital”

“Breast surgery helped me ‘live in the moment’ and not just be a bystander with my family"”

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Jenny Worsley

“"After contemplating a breast reduction for many years (and now wished I had done this sooner !)"”

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Brian's Story: Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

“‘Piggyback Lenses from Spire Regency have brought back my love and enjoyment of the game.'”

“"It is now three weeks since you operated on my varicose veins and I wanted to let you know that everything appears to be progressing very well. "The bruising has now gone, the discomfort has ceased, the scars minimal and my leg looks so much better already. I am looking forward very much to wearing shorts this summer without being self conscious about those awful veins! Thank you very much for doing such a great job." PW”

Mrs PW

An adventurous dad who damaged his tendons and joints climbing up mountains in search of historical aircraft crash sites is back on his feet again following surgery at Spire Regency Hospital.

“It’s just a good job Spire Regency is around to get me back on my feet!”

Amanda's Story" Mammogram and lump removal

“I am delighted that I am finally in the clear and I cannot recommend Mr Kokan enough ”

IVF treatment at Spire Regency

“We’d recommend The Spire Regency Hospital to anyone looking to pay privately for fertility treatment. We had a very positive experience.”

Arthur's Story: Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

“I would definitely recommend the procedure to others – it’s made a huge difference to my life.”

Displaying 10 of 25 results
Displaying 10 of 25 results